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Vote in the 2018 OBMA Board Election

Ocean Beach News Article: Vote in the 2018 OBMA Board Election

OBMA MEMBERS: Please VOTE for UP TO FIVE (5) seats on the OBMA Board of Directors during this election cycle. You may pick up a paper ballot in the OBMA office at 1868 Bacon Street, Ste. A. Alternatively, you may vote online at Only 1 Ballot per OBMA BID member or Associate Member is allowed. You must be a member in good standing to vote. All ballots must be recieved by 5pm on Wednesday, July 11, 2018.

Photos: May Sundowner at Sunset Clipps & OB Massage

Ocean Beach News Article: Photos: May Sundowner at Sunset Clipps & OB Massage

We had an excellent time at the OBMA's May Sundowner, hosted by Sunset Clipps and OB Massage. A delicious light dinner provided by Raglan and drinks from Pizza Port, along with live entertainment from local band the Devil's Due made for a great party! Thank you to all those that made it out for this monthly networking event. Please note that there will not be a Sundowner in June due to Street Fair, but we will pick back up again in July. Hope to see you then! Photos by Josh Utley of Intrepid Network.


SDG&E: Electric vehicles give spring cleaning a whole new meaning

SDG&E: Electric vehicles give spring cleaning a whole new meaning

Spring is here and with it comes a breath of fresh air. The world around us gets a little greener, and that’s the way San Diego Gas & Electric likes it. That’s why we are helping business owners, like you, install electric vehicle (EV) chargers at your properties. Together, we can support a spring clean feel in the San Diego air that lasts all year long.

It starts with our Power Your Drive program. We’re installing thousands of EV charging ports at apartments, condo complexes and workplaces. Why?

• EVs promote cleaner air.
• EVs play a critical role in meeting state and local climate goals.
• Demand for EVs is not slowing down.

Your property could be next. Join the interest list today. An SDG&E team member will contact you to help determine your property’s eligibility and answer your questions. Once your application is accepted, we handle construction, operation and maintenance, so you can focus on the fun stuff: promoting a new, sustainable amenity to existing and future tenants.

Visit to join the interest list. Supporting clean air is everyone’s responsibility. Help give San Diego’s air the spring cleaning it deserves.

SDG&E: Empower employees to help save energy

SDG&E: Empower employees to help save energy

Buildings don’t use energy – people do. Your employees affect a building’s energy performance. Many people already save energy at home. Show them the connections between those good behaviors and what they can do at work. It’s the little things that, when added together, can make a big difference.

High utility costs can be a result of paying for energy that is wasted by lights, equipment, and HVAC systems that are left on for long periods while not in use. According to Energy Star, office buildings waste up to one-third of the energy they consume. Your business can use less energy and lower its costs if you:

1. Educate your employees to turn off lights and equipment when not in use and enable the power management features on computer equipment.
2. Work with your facility management team to make sure systems are operating properly and then consider upgrades to enhance energy-efficiency.
3. Consider installing occupancy sensors in conference rooms, store rooms, or other areas not continuously occupied.
4. Schedule an energy audit for your facility. An audit can help identify problems, like heat loss, and give you a plan of action for making energy-efficient upgrades. Learn more at
5. Read the EPA’s Building Upgrade Manual to help you plan and implement building improvements. And Energy Star provides a guidebook with ideas to help increase energy efficiency in your facility. Download the action workbook here.

Learn more on how your business can save energy by visiting

SDG&E: New 2018 SDG&E energy efficiency business rebates are available

SDG&E: New 2018 SDG&E energy efficiency business rebates are available

Here’s what’s new or being continued this year.

Instant Lighting Rebates
• LED troffers and T8 4’ linear LEDs will continue to be offered in 2018
• Instant lighting rebates will no longer be offered for A-Lamps and MR16s
• LED PAR20/30/38, R30/40, and candelabras will be offered through June 30th, 2018
• LED street Lighting, high/low bay fixtures and exterior fixtures are undergoing an industry standard practice study and impacts on program offerings will be established by the 2nd quarter

Energy Efficiency Business Rebates
• Ultra-low temperature freezers have been added
• Ice machines have a new federal standard and categories have been updated according to the new requirements
• Network Power Management software, Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER), and some foodservice and refrigeration products are going through revisions and are under consideration as 2nd quarter offerings
• Some DEER products have expired and are no longer available in the programs

How can customers participate?

Instant Lighting Rebates
Visit to:
• See the list of participating distributors
• Download the lighting product catalog for a list of discounted products
• Download the Qualified Purchaser Acknowledgment form
Next steps include:
• Provide the completed Qualified Purchaser Acknowledgment form to your distributor at the time of purchase
• Acknowledgement forms must be signed by the SDG&E account holder
• Individual forms are required for each SDG&E account number and premise where products are being installed
• Purchase eligible products from one of the participating distributors and receive an instant rebate

Energy Efficiency Business Rebates
Visit to:
•         View the product catalog to determine if a product is eligible for a rebate
•         Initiate an online application
     o   Applicant will be notified within 3 business days of next steps
     o   If a pre-inspection is required, applicant will be notified
          *  Pre-inspections only: Products should not be installed until a notice to proceed is sent

Next steps include:

•         The online application can be finalized once instructed in SDG&E’s next steps communication
     o   Post-inspection only:
          *  All projects that received a pre-inspection also require a post-inspection
          *  Post-inspections may occur at random
•         Receipt of payment will occur within 30 – 45 business days of the final application submission

How can contractors participate?
Instant Lighting Rebates
• Contractors (Trade Professionals) can purchase discounted products from participating distributors
• If a contractor purchases product on the customer’s behalf, then the contractor’s information must be provided on the Qualifying Purchaser Acknowledgement form

Energy Efficiency Business Rebates
• Contractors who fulfilled 2018 Trade Professional Participation requirements can continue to submit projects on behalf of a customer
• Only products that meet the efficiency requirements, as detailed in the product catalog, are eligible for rebates

For more information on SDG&E’s business rebates, visit, call the Energy Savings Center at 1.800.644.6133, or email

SDG&E: Pricing plans for businesses based on time of day

SDG&E: Pricing plans for businesses based on time of day

It’s time to start thinking about energy differently. To support the statewide commitment to reliable and sustainable energy, time of use pricing plans are the current standard for business customers. These plans are based on both how much, and when, you use energy and offer you choices on how to better manage and control your costs.

Time of use pricing plans split the day into different time periods, on-peak and off-peak.  During peak hours, prices are higher as the demand for electricity increases. The cost to produce and deliver electricity also increases. By shifting energy use to off-peak times, you decrease the demand for energy, thus saving on energy costs.

Peak hours were previously from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The recent increase in use of renewable energy, primary solar, has shifted the hours of peak energy demand to 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.  The shift is occurring because, as the sun goes down, production from solar drops.

The California Public Utilities Commission recently approved a seasonal change. The month of May more closely aligns with winter month data versus summer data. The new seasonal periods are:

Many of these changes depend on what pricing plan your business is on.  If you don't know what pricing plan you're on, you can find out by visiting Find out how your business can save energy by visiting SDG&E’s new Business Resource page for savings and solutions at

SDG&E: A to Z's of Greener Restaurants: From Best Practices to Reducing Waste

SDG&E: A to Z's of Greener Restaurants: From Best Practices to Reducing Waste

March 20, 2018

Experts will discuss:

organic waste recycling and
innovative programs that reduce organic waste

Attendees will learn how to:

·         implement an organic waste recycling program.

·         reduce organic waste with food tracking and repurposing

·         utilize anaerobic food digesters and

·         leverage new technologies for dealing with organic waste


This is a no-cost event!  Register at: or simply click HERE.



Richard Young , senior engineer and Director of Education at the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC)


Ana Carvalho, Environmental Specialist for the City of San Diego's Environmental Services Department.

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