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OB MainStreet Association

The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association is the management organization for the O.B. Business Improvement District and the Newport Ave. Landscape Maintenance District.

Ocean Beach MainStreet Association

Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT To promote and support local business and economic vitality in the Ocean Beach community. ORGANIZATIONAL HISTORY The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association (OBMA) is comprised of area merchants and professionals dedicated to building a thriving business district that fulfills the needs of the neighboring community and visitors alike. The OBMA is a 501(c)6 private nonprofit business organization operating with 14 elected Board Members, committed to preserving a healthy active atmosphere for those who work, live and visit Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach MainStreet Association Board of Directors

Board of Directors

All activities of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association are governed by our 14-member volunteer Board of Directors elected from our membership.

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Committees, Task Force & Directors

All meetings are held at the OBMA office at 1868 Bacon Street except the Public Safety meeting and sometimes the North OB Meeting, which are held at various locations around Ocean Beach (announced in our monthly newsletter). Explore our committees using the links below. Design Committee Meets: 8:30am, OBMA office (1868 Bacon St, #A, San Diego, CA), 1st Tuesday of each month Mission: To identify and develop design programs needed for public improvements throughout the business community. To assist business and property owners with design education and technical assistance as requested.

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OBMA Staff

The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association has a small staff that works with local businesses, organizations, government and agencies. They take calls from tourists and locals on a daily basis. Yearly and weekly events are managed by the staff, which also includes the organization of many volunteers and the facilitation of many committees.

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Business Improvement District

The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association manages the Ocean Beach Business Improvement District (Newport Avenue and the contiguous commercial locations). Businesses located in the BID become automatic members of the association.

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Maintenance Assessment District

The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association manages the Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) on Newport Avenue. MAD-related activities are overseen by the Board of Directors, the Design Committee, and the Economic Vitality Committee. The OBMA has managed the MAD since 2000. Our MAD encompasses landscaping, sidewalk cleaning, grafitti removal, public trash can servicing, fence repair and replacement, signage, and irrigation, among other incidentals (all on Newport Avenue only).

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OB MainStreet Association Timeline

Ocean Beach MainStreet AssociationOriginally formed in 1978 as the Ocean Beach Merchant's Association, in June of 1998 the OBMA received national and state designation into the "Main Street" program and thus changed its name. The program is grounded in preservation and divides its scope of work within 4 areas: Organization, Promotion, Economic Vitality (formerly Economic Restructuring), and Design.

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