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OB Pier and Tidepools

Ocean Beach Fishing Pier

Interesting Facts...

  • Originally Named the San Diego Fishing Pier. The original plaque is still there.
  • Over 500,000 Visitors Per Year.
  • At 1971 Feet It Is the Longest Concrete Pier on the West Coast. The Pier at Santa Cruz is 2745 Feet, Making it the Longest in the State.
  • The 1st Fish Caught on the Pier was an 8-inch Perch. The 2nd and 3rd Fish Caught were a Gray Shark and a Crab.
  • Often Called the "Queen Fish", Herring is the Most Common Fish Caught on the Pier. There is NO LIMIT!
  • Then CA Governor Edmund G. Brown Made the First Cast Off the OB Pier and Reportedly Fished for 5 minutes. Brown caught nothing and was defeated in November. (Coincidence?)
  • Currently No Fishing License is Required on the Pier.
  • In 1991 over $2 Million was Spent on the Pier to Repair Damages Caused by Winter Storms.

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More about the OB Pier

The Ocean Beach Municipal Pier, one of the most visited landmarks in San Diego County, was officially christened and introduced to eager San Diegans on July 2, 1966. Over 7,000 of San Diego's then 600,000 residents showed up to celebrate the opening, including local politicians Mayor Frank Curran and California Governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown who had the honor of cutting the ribbon.

Although the pier quickly became a popular destination for locals and tourists, its original purpose was for fishing. Local Ocean Beach fishermen needed a way to prevent their fishing lines and lures from getting tangled in the vast kelp and rock beds that lie near the surface of the water near the shores. With the construction of the OB Pier, anglers are able to fish in 25-30 feet of water, avoiding most of the shoreline kelp and enabling them to catch species of fish that live in deeper waters. The pier extends 1971 feet into the ocean and is purported to be the longest concrete fishing pier on the west coast. Its unique T-shape at the end of the pier adds 360 feet to the south and 193 feet to the north.

The OB Pier was not the first attempt at providing OB residents a place to fish. Prior to the completion of the pier, a bridge had been constructed in 1915 across the mouth of Mission Bay, which extended from the north end of Bacon Street to what is now the dunes of Mission Bay. This bridge, which was 1,500 feet long, was mainly built so residents could travel from Voltaire to Mission Beach. Soon after its construction, local fishermen thought they had finally found a place to fish. Though the bridge served its primary purpose as a means of transportation for local residents, it proved to be a poor solution for the town's fishermen. When safety concerns and issues with flood control eventually resulted in the bridge becoming derelict and ultimately demolished., San Diegans were promised a replacement for the tourists and fishermen who enjoyed it. Construction began on another fishing option – a steel pier at the foot of Del Monte Avenue – in the early 1940s. Due to World War II steel shortages, construction was halted, and the pier was never completed. In 1966, the city finally came through on its promise and opened what is now the OB Pier at the foot of Niagara, a location proven better suited for tourists and anglers alike.


San Diego Ocean Beach Fishing Pier and Tidepools and Sealife
San Diego Ocean Beach Fishing Pier and Tidepools

Photos Courtesy of: Josh Utley - Please respect sealife and put it back where you found it. (=

For the Best Experience We Recommend You Visit the Tidepools During Low Tide.

The Ocean Beach Tidepools are Located at the foot of Newport Ave. Beneath the Pier.

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OB Pier History

Thanks to all the OB Pier fans who have submitted stories, photos, and memories for your enjoyment below. If you have a memory, photo, or story to share, please do so using the "Pierbook" form.

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Save the Ocean Beach Pier

The Ocean Beach Municipal Pier, one of the most visited landmarks in San Diego County, was officially christened and introduced to eager San Diegans on July 2, 1966. Currently as of May 6th the OB pier is currently closed for repairs. Click here to watch a video by Trevor Watson.   Click here for more information about the OB Pier and it's re-opening.

OB Pier History, Construction, & Opening Weekend Video

OB Pier History, Construction, & Opening Weekend Video

Learn about the history, construction, and opening weekend celebration for the Ocean Beach Pier. This video, filmed and produced by local OB resident Matthew O'Connor, features Leonard Teyssier, contractor for the OB Pier, and Chuck Bahde, who headed up the committee that commissioned the pier, and historical footage of the opening weekend in 1966...

OB Pier Opening Weekend

OB Pier Opening Weekend

Local photographer Stephen Rowell has generously shared this image of the OB Pier's opening celebration on July 2-4, 1966. The festivities included a parade, a talent contest, a variety show, and a sand castle competition, among other activites...

OB Pier Opening Celebration Program

Pier Opening Celebration Program

Page through the original program for the OB Pier's Opening Celebration from July 2 through 4, 1966!

Mission Bay Bridge - photo courtesy of Ocean Beach Historical Society

Predecessors to the OB Pier

The OB Pier at the end of Niagara Avenue was not the first attempt at creating a fishing spot in Ocean Beach. Prior to the pier's opening in 1966, OB boasted two other structures that stretched into the water and provided a location for fishing: the Mission Bay Bridge and the Del Monte Ave Pier.

OB Pier Construction Photos from Teyssier & Teyssier

OB Pier Construction Photos from Teyssier & Teyssier

Leonard Teyssier, contractor for the OB Pier, has generously shared these images of the pier being built in 1965 and 1966, courtesy of his company Teyssier & Teyssier.

San Diego Union Coverage of 1966 Pier Opening

San Diego Union Coverage of 1966 Pier Opening

The San Diego Union (now the San Diego Union-Tribune) reported that 7000 people attended the official opening of the Ocean Beach Pier the first weekend of July 1966. This press clipping shows photos and captions about some of the weekend's events.

Aerial Pier Photos from Teyssier & Teyssier

Aerial Pier Photos from Teyssier & Teyssier

Leonard Teyssier, the contractor whose company Teyssier & Teyssier built the OB Pier, has generously shared these images of the pier from the air.

Mike Sturak, Resident Engineer for Pier Construction

Mike Sturak, Resident Engineer for Pier Construction

"My father-in-law Mike Sturak was the Resident Engineer from San Diego Engineering Department for the pier construction and while he held other major responsibilities such as for the Sewage Treatment Plant on the end of Point Loma, the pier was the work he was most proud of. He spent week ends and evenings during construction walking the pier and making sure that all was done just right..."

OB Pier Photos by Jim Grant

OB Pier Photos by Jim Grant

Local photographer Jim Grant has generously shared some of his stunning images of the OB Pier...

OB Pier Photo by Joe Ewing

OB Pier Photos by Joe Ewing

Local photographer Joe Ewing has generously shared some of his stunning images of the OB Pier.

OB Pier Memories

The Grunion Players

Some years ago a wonderful improv group called The Grunion Players used to perform on weekend evenings in the OB Pier cafe. Great venue for the half dozen actors and good food/beverage sales for the restaurant. Wish the present owners would get together with someone from the OB Playhouse and start something when the railing is repaired and the pandemic ends.

She fell in love with the amazing pier

Several years ago my mother stayed at the Ocean Beach Hotel and she fell in love with the amazing pier. It was the topic of many conversations that she would have for years that followed.

Ocean Beach Pier Blue Prints

OB Pier Blue Prints

A joint venture between Lykos & Coldhammer Architects & Engineers and Ferver - Dorland & Associates Structural Engineers. Site Plan information. Including soundings & water lines, taken from City of San Diego Engineering Dept Drawing titles "Soundings of Pacific Ocean between Point Loma Avenue & Loring Street & Westerly Portion of Mission Bay between West Point Loma Blvd. and San Fernando Place" and dated July 31, 1940.

Presentation on Pier Construction by Ralph Teyssier

Presentation on Pier Construction by Ralph Teyssier

Ralph Teyssier, a structural engineer and the son of OB Pier contractor Leonard Teyssier, gave a wonderful presentation to the OB Historical Society about the pier's structure, engineering, and construction in July 2016. View the slides from the presentation (PDF). View the presentation as a Power Point (PPTX).

Photo of Leonard Teyssier

OB Pier 50th Anniversary Celebration

Ocean Beach enjoyed a wonderful OB Pier 50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, July 2! Thanks so much to everyone who visited the pier and wished it a happy birthday.

Photo of Denny Knox

OB Pier 50th Anniversary Art Show Reception

Thanks to Teeter for hosting a wonderful reception for this show celebrating the #OBPier's 50th anniversary. Food was generously provided by Raglan Public House, OB Noodle House Bar 1502. BBQ House OB, Four Seasons Foods Catering, and Mother's Saloon. Desserts were provided by Beach Sweets and The Cravory. Beer was provided by Mike Hess Brewing Ocean Beach. Wine was on offer from Gianni Buonomo Vintners. We were delightfully serenaded by Rock and Roll San Diego and John Tafolla (John's band played the OB Pier's opening celebration in 1966!). Photography by Troy Orem Photography. THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who contributed to this wonderful event!

Photo courtesy of Mark DiCherchio

DiCherchio Photo

"Nothing but fond memories...."

Stratton Engagement

Stratton Engagement

"I'm an OB raised kid and have many fond memories of the OB pier. I have lived in various places around OB and still call it home at 30 years old. Catching sharks at night with my dad, watching sunrises and sunsets and late night strolls. The best memory I have, is my high school sweetheart proposing to me..."

Arthur Schobert

Memories of Long-Time Resident

"Being a mailman, on my day off and Sundays I watched the pier being built. Shortly after the completion of the OB Pier on a weekend-Saturday night- at midnight, a young man who had been drinking..."

OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant

Best Days of My Life

"Grew up in San Diego, born in 1960. Thought OB was -- 'is' the best place in the world to grow up. When the pier opened on opening day..."

OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant

Our Favorite Walk

"I came to OB in Feb. '71 w/o knowing anything about San Diego. My then-husband and I bought a newspaper and saw ads for agencies to help one find a place to rent. We went to one, and he had a big map of the city on a wall, and he pointed out with a big pointer, the different areas in SD. He pointed to one area and said 'this is where the now-generation is living', and we liked that..."

Photo by Jim Grant

And So Our Vacation Begins

"The 1st time I came to California, the 1st beach I visited was Ocean Beach, & I fell in love forever. I loved the hustle & bustle of everyday living at the beach. My favorite street is Newport Ave & I love the Sunset Cliffs area. Ocean Beach is the greatest, people are friendly, there's always something interesting going on, & the Sunsets are spectacular, love walking on the pier..."

OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant

Pier Opening Weekend Sand Castle Contest Winner

"My family moved to Ocean Beach 56 years ago, when I was 6. We lived on Abbot Street when the pier was being built. I remember by the time I was around 10 or so, I would leave the apartment in the morning during the summer and didn't have to report back home until 'the street lights came on'! What a great time to be a kid who loved to body surf. When the pier was completed I was 12 with a 15 year old attitude..."

Photo courtesy of Teyssier & Teyssier

Working on the Pier

"The pier afforded me my first job at the age of 16 as a tram driver. I worked ferrying sightseers and fishers from one end to the other the summer the pier opened. It was a great first job being outside and able to socialize with all the people..."

OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant

Romantic Pier Walk & Talk

"My friend, Michael, took me to the pier and we walked and talked while we shared stories, thoughts and ideas one sunny October day. It was a great afternoon that started at the local co-op, Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market with lunch and shopping. We got to see the many pier views and sights, and came to know each other..."

OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant

Living on the Pier Block

"We lived on the pier block of Niagara in 1976..."

Pier Sunrise by Amy O'Connor

Pier Sunrise Walks

"My 'story' is quite simple: I love starting my day with sunrise walks on the pier..."

Corie and Josh Parsons

Parsons Wedding & Flash Mob

Joshua Adam Parsons and Corie Ann Parsons were married on the OB Pier in October 2015 following a dancing flash mob performed by local fun-loving folks. When asked why they selected the OB Pier as the spot for their nuptials...

OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant

On a Foggy Day, We Couldn't See Land

"My first husband and I left South Bend, IN and came to OB in Feb., '71. We must have walked the pier almost weekly for many of those first years, and it was a 'must do' with any visitors. One time it was a foggy day, and after a certain point on the pier, we couldn't see land..."

My Most Treasured Photo

My Most Treasured Photo

"I attached a photo. That picture is about 35 years old and is the most treasured one I have. My brother found that picture about 5 years ago and scanned it into a digital copy. That is me on the left with my dad and my brother around 1979. I am 10 at the time of the pic. I am 46 now and my dad passed away 15 years ago. When I saw that, I knew immediately.... Holy S#!^ We are on the freakin OB pier!! I grew up and lived in the IE at the time..."

OB Pier Sunrise

Every Sunset, Every Sunrise

"The first time my best friend Dianne brought me to OB, I fell in love, and every since, every Sunset, every Sunrise that I'm able to see reminds me how truly blessed I am to have made OB my home..."

Photo of Rhyan Cowa and his wife on OB Pier

Cowan Engagement

"On September 19th, 2013 my husband proposed to me at the end of the pier. It was about 9:30pm and we strolled along the pier, under the full moon, until we reached the bench at the very end, where we had sat years earlier and decided to move to San Diego. We sat there laughing and talking, watching the moon dance on the waves. We could hear the bagpiper, who often plays on the streets in OB, play sweet songs to the night. Once my then-boyfriend finally got enough courage to ask the big question, I already knew what it was. Of course, I said yes and ..."

Ocean Beach Fishing Pier

Still my favorite fishing & dreaming spot

"My daddy used to take me there fishing. He taught us kids how to hook blood worms & fish. Although Dad will be gone 3 yrs come Jan 8th, it is still my favorite fishing & dreaming spot..."

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