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Ocean Beach Tile Project

OB Tile Project

Own a piece of history on Newport Ave!

Purchase a 6-inch square ceramic tile personalized with your own special message.


Message guidelines:

  • 3 lines can be utilized with 14 characters per line (each letter, punctuation mark, space, or symbol takes up one character space), capital letters only.
  • Messages will be centered unless indicated otherwise on order form.
  • Messages will be screened for suitability in a community setting. Ocean Beach MainStreet Association and the City of San Diego have final approval over messages. Unacceptable messages will be returned with payment to the buyer. Creativity is welcome; obscenity is not!

Location/installation information:

  • Please select your first and second choice of block and indicate if you have specific preferences. PLEASE NOTE: THE ONLY SPACES AVAILABLE ON THE 5000 BLOCK OF NEWPORT AVE. ARE PLANTER TILES.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Please note: Each phase of the Ocean Beach Tile Project takes time to complete. We must meet a quota of orders before we can initiate the engraving and installation process. It can take several months between your order and your tile’s installation.


  • Each tile is $150. Symbols cost an extra $5 per symbol.
  • Tiles are guaranteed for the life of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association.


  • You will see a variety of tiles and typefaces on the street (the project began in 1990). Our current tiles are sand colored and text is engraved in all capital letters. Letters are filled in with dark grout at installation.

To order a tile online click here. Or, download the application form (PDF) and return your completed form with payment to the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association by mailing to 1868 Bacon Street, San Diego, CA 92107; emailing to [email protected]; or faxing to (619) 224-4976.

Phase 37 has now closed.  We are currently accepting orders for Phase 38, which will be scheduled for installation in Winter of 2022. We must meet a quota before initiating the installation and the project might be held up due to supplier delays. Phase 38 deadline will be, November 18th 2022 at Noon. If you want to give this as a holiday gift, we can create a certificate for you to use.  Please send your order in!

Looking for an existing tile? Download the current tile list (PDF).

If you need assistance finding your tile, contact the OBMA office: [email protected] or (619)224-4906.

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