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OBMA Member Info & Resources

OBMA Member Benefits

Member Benefits

We are proud to offer a variety of exclusive benefits and opportunities to our members. To enjoy the benefits of OBMA membership, join today! OBMA Committees Committee participation is open to all OBMA members. To join, simply show up at the meeting. If you’d like to be reminded about upcoming meetings, please let the OBMA office know! To learn more about our committees, download this handout or explore the committees' pages through the links below:

Become a Member

Who can join? The OBMA offers 2 types of memberships: BID membership & Associate membership. If your business falls within the Business Improvement District as outlined in the table below, then you and/or your business become an automatic member of the OBMA. If the address on your business license does not fall within the Business Improvement District (BID), but still falls within the 92107, 92106 or 92110 zip code, then your business is eligible for OBMA Associate membership. Or, if you reside in Ocean Beach but your business address is elsewhere, your busness is eligible for OBMA Associate membership.

Have an Announcement?

Have an Announcement?

As a member of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association, you are entitled to post special announcements on the OBMA website and/or our monthly merchant newsletter (we will choose which publication or publications will promote your announcement most effectively). If you or one of your employees has received an award or recognition; if you are having a big sale, event, or anniversary; if you have a major new product line; or if you have any other news or announcements, please let us know so we can pass it on!

Member Questions/Concerns

Submit your questions, concerns, or requests for financial clarification using the forms on this page.

Host a Sundowner

Host a Sundowner

Sundowners are monthly networking mixers open to OBMA members and their employees. Hosting a Sundowner is a great way to show off your business and market and network with other local business owners! Sundowners are free to attend for all OBMA members.

Public Right of Way Program Ocean Beach

P.R.O.W. Program

Public Right of Way Enhancement/Use Program (PROW) What is the PROW? The PROW is a program that allows merchants more leeway and enlivens the pedestrian experience in our district by allowing merchants to use the sidewalks in front of their businesses for outdoor displays of merchandise, placement of A-frame signs, and outdoor cafés without railings without getting cited by the city’s Code Compliance department.  

Ocean Beach Security Program

Ocean Beach Security Program

  Since its launch in the summer of 2014, the OB Security Program has made an enormous difference in addressing the problems in our area. Our security team patrols in the business districts of OB, particularly Newport Avenue, as well as the Voltaire Street, Dog Beach, and Point Loma Avenue areas. The security team and Ocean Beach MainStreet Association staff work closely with San Diego Police Department to get positive results for the entire community.

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