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P.R.O.W. Program

Public Right of Way Enhancement/Use Program (PROW)

What is the PROW?

The PROW is a program that allows merchants more leeway and enlivens the pedestrian experience in our district by allowing merchants to use the sidewalks in front of their businesses for outdoor displays of merchandise, placement of A-frame signs, and outdoor cafés without railings without getting cited by the city’s Code Compliance department.  

Why do we need the PROW?

Signs, including A-frames, portables and temporaries, are not permitted within the public right of way – except under the PROW Program. In other words, without this program businesses would not be allowed to place anything on the sidewalks. That is why your compliance is absolutely necessary in order for Ocean Beach businesses to continue to participate in this program.  It is important to note that this does not give merchants a carte blanche to overtake their sidewalk. There are regulations which must be strictly enforced for this program to succeed. The good part about this is that the City is not involved in licensing merchants to use the sidewalk and charging costly fees.  
Before this program, outdoor dining required a permit and the placement of a metal barricade to separate tables and chairs from the sidewalk. The permits and the railings were costly. Merchants were, thus, effectively prohibited from placing chairs and tables outside their businesses. Also prohibited were the placement of signs on the sidewalk and display of goods and products outside their businesses.

Who administers the PROW?

The PROW program is administered by the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association for a modest fee ($55 per year) and is enforced by the City's Code Compliance Department.  A permit is issued for display.

How do you sign up for the PROW?

  • Submit application along with $55 fee for approval by Ocean Beach MainStreet Association.
  • Submit evidence of liability insurance for one million dollars naming the city and OBMA (and property owner if you don’t own the property).
  • Submit a scale drawing of proposed use (hand-drawn is fine).
  • Submit a photo of proposed area of enhancement (street corners require photos for both street frontages).

Once all are submitted and approved, a sticker will be awarded for posting.

CLICK HERE to download your PROW Packet today and be sure your business is in compliance.

Are you in compliance?


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  • A copy of this application and its drawings shall be kept on file at NPM office for public viewing. A notice of this application and plans shall be kept on file at the business site. The notice at the site shall be posted in a window for public viewing.
  • Changes to the plans shall be submitted to the NPM for approval.
  • Signature(s) below indicate that the applicant has read the reverse side of this application form and the General Requirements, Standards, and Conditions of this Program and agrees to comply with them. "Enforcement and Due Process" is hereby made part of this application.
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