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A message from Aliro Marking

Aliro Marketing

Aliro Marking has some great instructions to help make your Facebook and Instagram Accounts more secure.

I am writing today because I am noticing a lot more successful (!) malicious hacking to Facebook & Instagram accounts and wanted to pass along some detailed instructions on how you can make your personal accounts safer so you don't lose control over your business pages.
To be clear, these instructions are for your personal accounts - but it does affect your business accounts on these platforms! Here's what's happening: Hackers get into your personal Facebook account & remove you as admin from your own business page in an attempt to extort you for money to get your business page back .... or you lose control of your business page altogether.


For more information don't hesitate to reach out. Click here to visit Aliro Marketing on Facebook page or call (619) 203-1565.

- Alicia Shapiro

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