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Our Favorite Walk

OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant

I came to OB in Feb. '71 w/o knowing anything about San Diego. My then-husband and I bought a newspaper and saw ads for agencies to help one find a place to rent. We went to one, and he had a big map of the city on a wall, and he pointed out with a big pointer, the different areas in SD. He pointed to one area and said "this is where the now-generation is living", and we liked that, so he gave us some OB rental ads and ended up renting the front of one of 2 duplexes on Greene St.

We found the pier within the first week, and it became our favorite walk at least once or twice a week. Any company that came meant taking them for a walk on the pier. One time when we walked out a distance, we couldn't see land cuz the fog was so heavy.  

It is a wonderful Ocean Beach and San  Diego landmark.

- Nancy Finneran Witt

(OB Pier Photo by Jim Grant)

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