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My Most Treasured Photo

My Most Treasured Photo

I attached a photo. That picture is about 35 years old and is the most treasured one I have. My brother found that picture about 5 years ago and scanned it into a digital copy. That is me on the left with my dad and my brother around 1979. I am 10 at the time of the pic. I am 46 now and my dad passed away 15 years ago. When I saw that, I knew immediately.... Holy S#!^ We are on the freakin OB pier!! I grew up and lived in the IE at the time. My parents were divorced and pops moved to San Diego when I was little. I have absolutely no memory of him ever taking us to OB much less that picture being taken. So the cool thing is that I gravitated to this beautiful little beach town when I was 23 and have called it home ever since. So when I found this picture, It all made sense. This is where I am meant to be. My name is Chris Lemke and I LOVE THIS PIER!!!

- Chris Lemke

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