Memories of Long-Time Resident | Ocean Beach San Diego CA

Memories of Long-Time Resident

Arthur Schobert

Being a mailman, on my day off and Sundays I watched the pier being built.

Shortly after the completion of the OB Pier on a weekend-Saturday night- at midnight, a young man who had been drinking, drove his car to the end of the pier, made a right hand turn and drive his car through all the railings on the right hand side of the pier. As he drove through all the wooden railIngs, the car door was knocked open. When the car hit the water at the location of the pier is about 25 feet deep. He floated to the top of the water and was recused by lifeguards. The car continued to sink and to this day, I believe, is still sitting below the pier and no attempt has ever been made to salvage the car.

- Arthur Schobert. Mr. Schobert is 94 years old and has lived in Ocean Beach since 1942. Thanks to Mr. Schobert's neighbor, Teresa Bragg, for her help in submitting his story and photo.

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