And So Our Vacation Begins | Ocean Beach San Diego CA

And So Our Vacation Begins

Photo by Jim Grant

The 1st time I came to California, the 1st beach I visited was Ocean Beach, & I fell in love forever. I loved the hustle & bustle of everyday living at the beach. My favorite street is Newport Ave & I love the Sunset Cliffs area. Ocean Beach is the greatest, people are friendly, there's always something interesting going on, & the Sunsets are spectacular, love walking on the pier, & everything about this place. My family & I have been visiting San Diego for the past 7 years. Every year when we first get to San Diego, we exit from I-8 onto Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, & so our vacation begins. We go thru the entire area, & see the beautiful, magnificent  ocean. This is what we do before we even check into our hotel. We love Ocean Beach, & we'll never get enough of it. We look forward to coming back every year. It's the greatest place to visit.

- Mariadelcarmen Arvizu

(Photo by Jim Grant)

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