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Host a Sundowner

Sundowners are monthly networking mixers open to OBMA members and their employees. Hosting a Sundowner is a great way to show off your business and market and network with other local business owners! Sundowners are free to attend for all OBMA members.

When: Fourth Thursday of each month, 5:30pm-7:30pm
(There is no Sundowner in January or June. November and December Sundowners are often scheduled earlier to accommodate holidays; contact OBMA for details.)
What: The party details, including location, menu, and any activities or entertainment are completely up to the host or co-hosts. There is typically a raffle held just before 7pm with prizes provided by the hosts (any type of prize – host’s choice).
Who: Any OBMA member in good standing is eligible to host or co-host a Sundowner.
Host or co-hosts responsibilities:

Provide location
Provide light h’ors d’oeuvres/beverages
Provide raffle prizes
NOTE: hosts are 100% financially responsible for all costs associated with the above.

OBMA responsibilities:
Design invitations
Publicize event in our newsletter
Send printed invitations to all members (over 500)
Send email reminders to all members
Handle day-of check-in
Invitations: Host(s) must finalize details of the event and keep OBMA in the loop. Invitations are created by the middle of the month prior to the Sundowner.

Interested in hosting a Sundowner? Give us a call at 619-224-4906 or fill out and return the Sundowner Interest Form.

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