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Welcome Valkyrie Yoga to Ocean Beach

Valkyrie Yoga is a new business in Ocean Beach that is focused on all-around wellness. The classes offered daily are breathwork, sound healing, and yoga. The yoga classes are a variety from active to relaxing and restorative in order to support everyone’s needs. The founder, Agnete, has been exploring the healing arts for well over a decade and wanted to create a space that offers true healing, support, and community. Valkyrie also hosts monthly events to cultivate community and support the arts, from open mic and poetry nights to ecstatic dance and cacao ceremonies!

Valkyrie Yoga Owner, Agnete

Address: 4876 Santa Monica Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

Phone: (619) 488-9971

Agnete is certified in yoga, somatic therapy, and a variety of other healing modalities. For over a decade she has been exploring various types of breathwork all over the world. Because of her own personal experience with the healing benefits of breathwork, Agnete’s passion is to offer this healing in an affordable and accessible way. She believes that everyone should have access to the healing that can be found through the variety of modalities offered at Valkyrie. To invest in your health in this way is true and sustainable healthcare. Consistent breathwork helps with inflammation, fatigue, depression, anxiety, circulation, vitality, and maintaining youthful energy and appearance and the list goes on and on! The breathwork offered at Valkyrie is for everyone. As Agnete says, “All you have to do is show up and breathe and it’s so worth it.” The breathwork offered at Valkyrie is more of a breath journey that incorporates the healing benefits of sound with all of the crystal sound bowls, gongs, and other amazing instruments. You will start feeling it right away! You will feel better and better as you continue to tend to your health from the inside out! There are classes on the schedule to support everyone depending on what you are looking for. All of the teachers and facilitators at Valkyrie teach from the heart and come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.

The studio is absolutely beautiful and has a relaxing energy. The floors are natural bamboo and the starlights offer a soft and soothing glow. There is an abundance of healthy and happy plants to support the ambiance and air quality in the studio and the overall look and feel is very cozy. The studio is open and spacious and there is even a tranquil garden in the back for fresh air. The founder is Norwegian-American and she was inspired to design the studio in a way that has that cozy Scandinavian summer-cabin vibe. The name Valkyrie symbolizes strength in all of us. The many forms of strength needed to navigate life. Valkyrie offers a new student special for locals, $33 for an unlimited week of breathwork, sound healing, and yoga. This way you can try out the classes to see if it’s the right fit for you and your needs. Valkyrie is open every day and offers breathwork and sound healing every day. You can sign up and check out the daily schedule online at valkyrieyoga.com and everyone is welcome!

Valkyrie Yoga Studio in Ocean Beach San Diego

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