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Visible damage to the Ocean Beach Pier

Ocean Beach News Article: Visible damage to the Ocean Beach Pier

We are aware of visible damage to the Ocean Beach Pier. At least one pile fell off, and the pier's railing was damaged. The pier has been closed since October 2023 [], when it initially suffered damage during high surf. The current plan is to keep the pier closed through the remainder of the winter storm season. We have initiated an assessment of the recent damage to determine the next steps for the 57-year-old pier. This is the first step in the process, and as of now, there is no timeline for completion. The original plan was to wait until after the winter storm season to conduct a full assessment, but recent damage and upcoming weather patterns have created new urgency to inspect the pier. We will continue monitoring the situation as the storm season progresses and address any urgent items that may come up.

As for the long-term plans, we continue to work on the Ocean Beach Pier Renewal project [], which aims to provide a solution likely through a replacement.

Also, for the safety of the public, we would like to remind everyone that per the City of San Diego Municipal Code, it is against the law for anyone to swim, wade, surf or skin dive within 75 feet of any fishing pier owned and operated by the City (San Diego Municipal Code §63.20.16).

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