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Umi Sushi Remodel

Umi Sushi Remodel

Umi Sushi to Receive a Modern Facelift
The restaurant's $100,000 renovation will be completed in November 2015

SAN DIEGO—Umi Sushi restaurant in Point Loma will transform its current dining area into a stylish bar space with a $100,000 renovation this November.

The remodel will include a transformation of the sushi bar into a contemporary and inviting space. A new exterior sign has been installed to kick-off the renovation.

“After 11 years, we’re ready for a change. Our new design will offer more seating for customers and provide a more hip environment," said Yohan Han, manager of Umi Sushi.

Tables will replace the existing booths in the new bar area, which will include a beverage bar, updated restrooms, new lighting and windows. The traditional seating area with booth spaces will remain on one side of the restaurant, which is scheduled to be remodeled in 2016.

Kearny Mesa-based James PJ Architects will complete the renovation and Sandy Chu is the project’s designer. A grand opening is planned following the complete remodel in 2016.

The remodel is expected to be completed within one week. The left side of the restaurant will remain open to patrons for the duration of the renovation during normal restaurant hours.

Umi Sushi is located at 2806 Shelter Island Drive. It is owned and operated by James Park, who also owns award-winning Takamatsu restaurants in Phoenix and Tucson. Umi Sushi is a joint venture between Park and celebrity partner, retired Boston Red Sox ace reliever Byung "BK" Kim.

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