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Thought Lounge SD Roots Gala

Thought Lounge SD Roots Gala

You are invited to the Thought Lounge SD Roots Gala! On July 31st, join us for an afternoon of fresh draft brews, chili, live music by the Sahara Grim Quartet, two awesome talks, and some great conversation at the Karl Strauss Tasting Room. Thought Lounge is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering dialogue in college campus communities around the world. All proceeds from the Gala will go toward funding Thought Lounge's upcoming expansion to UCSD, USD, SDSU, PLNU, and Southwestern College, where we will initiate a city-wide network of campus clubs that are at the core of our program. For more information on Thought Lounge and what we do, visit, and sign up for the event on the evite at

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