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Teen Alcohol Awareness Program Registration

Teen Alcohol Awareness Program

The Teen Alcohol Awareness Program is designed to address the questions that arise when your new high school driver is ready to hit the road. What happens when they drive, who is responsible for their actions, physically and financially.

The Teen Drivers will spend time with their parent (s) in a classroom environment lead by a San Diego Police Officers and then the parents will be released and the classroom session will continue. Once the classroom portion is completed, the youth will be taken to an up and running DUI Checkpoint. The youth will be allowed to observe all elements of the DUI checkpoint from first contact to evaluation to arrest. The youth will then be taken back to the Police Station and after a short debriefing. Class starts at 9:00 pm and parents will be released between 10:30-10:45 pm. Parents will then need to be back at the Police Station at 1:30 am.

Sign up for this program will be on a first come first-served basis. Classroom size is limited so please contact Officer McCullough (mmccullough@pd.sandiego.gov) as soon as possible to register.


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