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Support the YMCA with Mark Chrisman

Support the YMCA with Mark Chrisman

Dear OBMA members,

My son Duke spends every weekday afternoon and almost every week of the summer in YMCA programs, which is how I got to be involved.  I see firsthand what a benefit the YMCA is to my family and the Ocean Beach community and OB families.  I am trying to raise enough funds to support 15 families who cannot afford a week long summer camp ($2500).
How does this help OBMA members you ask?  For every family that receives free or subsidized camp, there is a working parent who would otherwise be leaving the workforce due to lack of affordable child care.  Parents who don’t work can’t afford to shop and eat in Ocean Beach.  So support your business by donating to the Peninsula YMCA!    
Please visit my campaign support page as well as my Facebook page below for more information on what the YMCA is doing and to donate.
Thank you,
Mark Chrisman
(f) 619-550-3320
NMLS ID # 8996

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