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Pets of OB Banner Winners Announced!

Pets of OB Banner Winners Announced!

We are happy to announce the lucky winners of our Pets of OB Banner Contest. Thank you to everyone that participated! Nearly 100 pet photos were submitted, and the 60 shown below can be seen gracing Newport Ave. and the entryway to Ocean Beach along Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

For those selected that would like to purchase an art piece of their pet for their home, we are offering two options: a 38"x12" Digitally Printed PVC Sign with a reproduction of the entire banner for $60.00 +tax, or a 18"x12" Stretched Canvas with a cropped image of the pet on the original banner for $50.00 +tax. To place an order, please download the Pets of OB Artwork Order Form, and return to the OBMA office. For more information, contact [email protected].


Abby is an 8 year old poodle mix. Abby actually talks. She lets you know exactly what she wants. She loves to take long walks on the beach and frequently hangs out at Dusty Rhodes Park with friends. Her favorite thing is to stay close to her humans.


Apollo is a loving, chubby and goofy 3 year old Pitbull.  He looks a lot tougher than he is.  He's afraid of our neighbor cat, loves playing fetch probably even more than his parents and is the best cuddler around.  He makes anyone feel instanly in love with him.  His parents feel lucky everyday that they are blessed with such a good boy!


Archibald Hoover Utley (aka Archie) is our third child. He looks forward to Sundays at the Original Dog Beach where off leash playtime is the highlight of his day. When Archie is not playing with his friends he is at home taking his job as watch dog a little too seriously barking at his own (human) brother and sister as they come and go as teenagers do. Archie's favorite time of day is when his Mom arrives home from her job. She is often greeted with a 360 tail wag. After dinner and a walk it is cuddle time with Mom and Dad.


Audrey was raised in OB since she was a puppy, and is now 9 years old.  She can be seen all over OB since her outline is the inspiration for the Bone Appetit Ocean Beach Pet Supply logo.

Ocean Beach Pet Banners


You can't spell swagger without a double G!  Meet Biggie! Don't be fooled by his name!  He's a debonair mutt with a sweet personality.  He came to us from the Labrador and Friends rescue. His favorite activities include chasing the tennis ball, napping and eating dinner

Ocean Beach Pet Banners - Bonnie


Bonnie is a 3 year old Chihuahua Corgi mix that has lived in OB her whole life.  Her favorite places are Santa Cruz cove and Café Bella where she gets treats every time we visit.  She likes to smile with her teeth,


Ocean Beach Pet Banners


I'm the friendly Westie you met at Dog Beach, Robb Field, or the Farmer's Market.  With so many fun activities and friendly people, the OB life is for me!  I'll be sunbathing, gazing at the San Diego River, hoping you pick me to represent our awesome town!  Love, Calvin

Ocean Beach Pet Banners


Meet "Charlie", the cutest miniature Dachsund in all of OB. Most people know Charlie from his frequent walks down Newport Avenue visiting the local shops and business owners, while gathering as many treats and belly rubs as he can along the way!  Charlie is also known for his mellow "chill" demeanor as he loves to kick back in the sun, go to the beach, and enjoys long walks along Sunset Cliffs.  I guess you can say he's a true OBcean.


Ocean Beach Pet Banner - Chuy


Chuy is a rescue dog found roaming the organic farm near Tijuana called Suzies Farm. Tanya and Jon went to pick up their CSA basket of food and discovered that this dog was eating from the farm land. When the original owner identified himself he told the farmers he could no longer support the dog and he was free to go to a new home. Tanya and Jon happily accepted Chuy as their new family member. At first, Chuy didn’t even know how to eat out of a food bowl, he was so used to pulling carrots and other vegetables from the ground. Unfortunately the vet did not know how old or what breed Chuy was. The vets best guess was that Chuy was 1 or 2 and that he appeared to be a Havanese Shitzu. We all laughed when we put it together that Chuy was a HavaShit. Chuy is quite the lazy boy and loves to held or worn in Tanya’s baby bijorn. He also is quite good now at eating out of his food bowl.

Ocean Beach Pet Banners - Cooper


Meet Cooper, aka Coops, Voncooperton III, Coop de Ville, Cooper Dooper, Little Sh$t, Scooter, My Bestest Friend, Pooper.

Ocean Beach Pet Banners - Denali


Denali, now 6 years old, is pictured here  on her first Christmas. She is a Siberian Husky and her parents Mike and Gary. She has glacier blue eyes and is all white with a bit of champagne color around her face. She is a cuddle at night in bed. She is sometimes smarter than her owner.

Ocean Beach Pet Banners - Echo


Our sweet Echo is a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd who is living his best life in Ocean Beach. Echo used to volunteer as a Therapy Dog for the elderly and even aided his owner in running a doggy daycare. Most importantly, Echo is a Medical and Psychiatric Service Dog who helps his owner daily and brings joy to all those he meets.


Frankie is a purebred rag doll who lives in my beach cottage on Niagara.  I recently adopted him from his owner who needed him to have a good home after she became ill.  Frankie loves to sit by my screen door to keeo an eye on all of our OB wildlife, including butterflies, moths, birds and more.


Georgito, pug, 10 years old at Dog Beach.  He was abandoned in a mall in Maryland in 2011, we were so lucky to adopt him, he's the most loving and loyal dog.  He loves OB life!


Gina, 7 years old Puggle at Dog Beach.  Gina comes from a Farm in Virginia.  Gina is a diva and so loving.  She loves joining us in family walks by the cliffs, beach and neighborhood.


Gracie is a 5 pound Chihuahua that is a little over 9 years old. She enjoys taking her walks all around Ocean Beach and greeting the customers at The Black Bead.


GrizWald is a 3-1/2 year old Boston Terrier who lives on Cape May.  He's single, enjoys rolling around on the grass and loves chasing the birds on the beach.  His human companion is Shelby.


Hank has been living the good life in OB since 2012. If you've seen a Red Bull Terrier on Dog Beach scooting a bright orange skimmer around with his big nose, that's Hank playing his favorite game.


Henry McHenry is our 3 year old pooch who actually rescued us! He is part doxie and part spaniel, otherwise known as a "Docker!".  A character at home as well as loved up and down Newport Avenue bringing smiles to people's faces as they are walking towards him are priceless.  Often frequenting our local breweries, the OB Belching Beaver being one of his favorites, and strolling Sunset Cliffs at sunset.  He is an avid kisser, begger (able to perch on his "goose" butt forever with his tail, as his "kickstand" in place) and even though he has short little legs, he loves to swim, jump the waves and chase the birds at Dog Beach.


Holly is a 7 year old mini Belgian Malinois. Rescue group said she was Mixed.  She began having eye problems at 8 months - 4 surgeries later, and she lost that bright eye in this pic. She was supposed to be a healthy mutt, and that’s why we call her our Lemon Dog!


Joey is a 2 year old Shih Tzu and Pomeranian mix.  He has a heart on his nose and has since he was born. He is our guard dog at home.  He lets us know when people come, when just anyone goes by and when no one is near the house.  He loves the beach and Dusty Rhodes Park.


When Katu adopted me 11 years ago, there was a hole in my heart. Several months before, the beloved cat of my late parents had died. Perhaps Katu sensed this connection to my parents was severed and that I was alone. Katu had been adopted by my neighbors, but she was unhappy in their busy household of two dogs and an aggressive cat. Consequently, my neighbors were delighted that Katu had started flirting with me in a play to change homes. Gentle and sensitive, Katu helped me recover from loss.


This is Kiwi he turned 1year old in October 2018.  He is a Ladradoodle and lives in OB with Susan Obrien and family.  He really liked that hat and wore it for a full hour.  He is a very sweet and funny and was super excited for all his birthday presents.


One half of the kitten brother duo Larry & Tommy. Their pregnant mom was rescued from an alley in National City & now OB is their forever home. 


Lela loves dog beach, strolling Newport, and watching her owner play soccer at Cleater Park.


Lilikoi, Hawaiian term for passion fruit. Lilikoi has lived in Ocean Beach since being adopted from Rancho Coastal Humane society at the young age of 3 months. She is now 8 plus years old. Lilikoi loves Dog Beach and keeps in shape by running around town with her owners Robert and Jill. Lilikoi is super loving and cuddles with anyone who's willing.


Meet Malibu, the cute cat of Snezana and Lou.

Maple June

OB always amazes me. I always meet someone new and interesting, and boy are there a lot of cool dogs here!  Every time I have friends visiting I always take them on a tour of our town and a visit to the local park.  I LOVE OB!!  Hang Loose, Maple June


Margot is a Japanese Chin rescued from a puppy mill.  She enjoys strolls down Newport Ave and walks along Sunset Cliffs.


Meet Markie!  Belived to be a Spaniel-Corgi Mix, Markie is a rescue from Puerto Rico where he became an orphan after Hurricane Maria.  He was adopted in July where he then flew to meet his fur-ever home and now lives in the heart of OB!  He loves going to Dog Beach, Dusty Rhodes park and is a lover of OB sunsets!


Max is a good boy. He loves to run at Dog Beach and Dusty Rhodes Park, and enjoys snuggles, treats, harassing cats, and giving hugs (i.e. jumping on people).


Maya is a 4 year old half Lab, half Pointer mix.  She is super hyper and likes to tease her brother Duke by taking his Kong and running around the house.  She also loves our OB/Cliffs walks.



Molly is a 14 year old Poodle/Pomeranian mix who was rescued from Second Chance Rescue.  Truth me told she actually rescued me! She loves being outdoors and can be seen hanging with her human and doggie friends at OBNH 1502, OB Surf Lodge, the Joint and the staff at OBMA.  OB for Life!!


Mona is a rescue pup adopted from Baja Rescue. She is a terrier mix and is 2-1/2 years old.  She's the sweetest pup and a huge stinker!


This is Monkey.  He's kinda goofy, but very friendly.  He's a Golden Doodle born and raised in OB.  Loves the dog park, and chewing on rope.


I’m Mystertee!
~ I pity the fool that doesn’t love me ~
One of OB’s most well loved Pittiebulls, this young man loves to hang out with his buddies at 1502 and OBSL when he’s not surfing the waves or hanging at home with his little sister, Lily.


This is our Black Lab Nani on Halloween, she will be 4 years old.  She was born and raised in OB.  She is the sweetest girl and so patient with our two year old.  Her favorite thing to do is swim/play at dog beach.  She's having a blast fetching at dog beach.

Nikki & Criblet

Hi, our names are Nikki and Criblet, we are Cavapoos, and Ocean Beach is our favorite place in the whole world.  Our favorite activity is walking around places in OB, especially Java Jungle and Café Bella, where everyone pets us and gives us treats.  We Love OB!



This is Olive. She is an 11 year old Lab/Shepard mix adopted from the Gaines Street Shelter at 8 weeks old and has lived her whole life in OB.  She has lost the use of her back legs over the last year due to a neurological condition called Degenerative Myelopathy.  She has absolutely no idea anything is wrong with her and lives life to the fullest every day!


Olive is a rescue dog whose happy place is Dog Beach.  She was rescued from a life in a shelter and now enjoys the freedom to run, swim and frolick in the waves.  She loves chasing her frisbee and balls, other dogs and playing with her playmate Ginger.


We always tell him he's the best dog in the world.  His nickname is Oskar the wonder Dog.


My name is Ozzie [Ozzie Drake Bentley in full], and I'm a curious and loquacious kitty-kat who has enjoyed living in Ocean Beach since my birthday four months ago. My people are Max and Leslie.


Percy is 100% Bassett Hound pup, long eared and short legged. Napping his days away, he occasionally wakes up to herd his cat Charlotte, and reports for duty promptly whenever it's mealtime.  Look for him on the Cliffs around sunset, where every walk is a delightful sniff-fest.  He's always happy to schmooze. Especially if you have a dog cookie in hand.


Percy the Pug is a 1 year old puppy.  He only knows the OB life and loves it!  His favorite place is Dog Beach, but he loves to walk up Newport and greet tourists too.


His name is Reed Icculus, and he IS ridiculous - ridiculously cute, ridiculously smart, and ridiculously lucky to be an OB dog!! Reed is part australian shepherd, part derp, who loves long walks on the beach, chasing his ball and playing in the ocean.


Reggie Ransom is an 8 year old French Bulldog born and raised in Ocean Beach.  Reggie lives on dog beach and is referred to in his circles as "The King of Dog Beach" as he loves to watch the dogs play from his balcony and greet all his friends as they enter dog beach. In addition to being the absolute love of his parents life, Reggie enjoys long walks on the beach, stopping at every establishment in OB that offers pet treats - some of his favorites include Cafe Belle, Hess Brewery and Voltaire Beach House - and playdates with his human and doggie friends.  Reggie recently beat cancer and is now back to his cuddly, curious, playful old self.


Roscoe is a 17 lb of heavenly joy!  He came to OB via adoption from the East County Animal Rescue.  Poor little guy was found as a 4-week old feral kitten wondering the streets of east county.  He and his brother, Eazy, are now living large and love OB.  If they aren't spending their days rolling around catnip, chasing bugs and/or lounging in the sunshine, they're gathering up their nerve to befriend the parrots who hang outside their window and squawk at them daily.


Rubi is a 14 year-old show-bred Whippet with a personality bigger than she is!



I'm the red standard poodle puppy you may have seen strolling down Brighton to the beach. I love to greet the kids, dogs and dog lovers I meet along the way. Sometimes I go to work with my dad where everyone plays with me, My main crush, Maynard, the basset hound across the street, is moving to Oregon. Boo HOo! As you can tell, I'm very happy growing up with my parents, Ron & Nancy, in Ocean Beach.


Hi! My name is Rudy!  My parents think I'm part Peking/Poodle/Chihuahua but we don't know for sure.  I love my mama!  We got super close while she was battling cancer.  I am a big comfort for her and she is for me.  I love my neighborhood!


Sandy the sweet pitbull loved her dog beach adventures and taking walks in OB every single day. She was loved by all who met her and was a friend to many, including Holly from “Mutt Strut” and the owners of Your Mama’s Mug coffee shop. Although Sandy sadly passed at the end of September 2018, her sweet personality and memory will always live on. She is missed every day by her loving family Jim, Donna and Janielle Kelly.


Tela Jean

This is Tela Jean. She came to us from Helen Woodward Animal Center as we deove from a snow weekend in Mammoth. She's a silly Kitty who loves showing off her fluffy pantaloons and tail. She's got a boisterous personality! She was the purrrrrfect addition to our family.

Tomcat Jefferson & Aaron Purr

Tomcat Jefferson (tuxedo) and his brother Aaron Purr (black) are OB residents waiting to get their big break in the inevitable all-cat staging of "Hamilton".  Tomcat loves screaming at the humans for food and belly rubs, and Aaron just loves food, period.


This is Toto. She is a 2-1/2 year old neutered female mixed terrier [probably Yorkie, Cairn and/or Jack Russell heritage] of Tijuana heritage.  When we rescused her, she had every worm, bacteria and skin condition you could imagine.  She wasn't friendly, she was aloof. Thanks to the Dusty Rhodes Dog Park, she's learned to love other humans and play with other dogs,  She still tries to boss her 50lb "brother" Tank around - but then, that's what terriers do.


This is Varmit, but we call him Varmy and he;s nothing like his name.  He won our hearts when we got him at 8-weeks from the animal shelter,  As soon as we put him down in our living room he climbed the curtains almost to the top, dropped, and looked at us as to say "Hey, I'm Home!" He's Adorable!


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