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Parking Space Use/Pedestrian Plaza

The OBMA does not oversee the Pedestrian Plaza Permits, but we are here to provide guidance if needed.

The Executive Order does not authorize the use of Parking Spaces within the Public Right-of-Way for temporary outdoor business operations. The Temporary Outdoor Business Operation Program will be considered by the City Council tomorrow, July 14th, 2020, and it will provide a streamlined permitting process for Pedestrian Plazas.

A Temporary Outdoor Business permit for Pedestrian Plazas will be required for the use of Parking Spaces within the Public Right of Way, and appropriate safety measures will be reviewed and approved by DSD as expeditiously as possible, along with a Temporary Outdoor Business Encroachment Agreement will need to be included and signed by the business applicant.

If you feel a Pedestrian Plaza is a good option for your business, we encourage you to begin the application process ASAP through the City of San Diego's Development Services Department.

If you have questions, please contact Kristen Keltner (619) 224-4906 or [email protected]

Parking Space Use / Pedestrian Plaza Application

Temp. Outdoor Business Expansion Encroachment Agreement

Sample Diagram with Legend

Listen to the latest Webinar regarding the Temporary Outdoor Business Operation Permit guidelines from the City of San Diego's Development Services Department.

Temporary Outdoor Business Operation Webinar

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