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Olive Tree Market Celebrates their 27th Birthday Today!

Olive Tree Marketplace Ocean Beach

Join us in wishing the entire Olive Tree Marketplace Team a Happy Birthday today!  When we asked the owner a little about the history of the store he told us the following:

"I opened on July 3rd, 1987 and didn't know what I was doing.  Previous to this date, I lived in Rimini, Italy (North Adriatic Beach Town) and found this cute little market that I frequented on a daily basis.  Which, is how the idea and concept of the Olive Tree came about.  A lot of similarities in the product and service lines, and owned by a local businessman."

The Olive Tree Marketplace just received a historical plaque through the Design Committee's Plaque Program - stop by to check it out!

Olive Tree Marketplace: 4805 Narragansett Ave. | Ocean Beach, CA 92107 | 619-224-0443


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