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In-person customers at restaurants and retail businesses!

The state has approved San Diego County to move further into Stage 2, allowing in-person customers at restaurants and retail businesses, with modifications. Click here for more information. In light of this new update, there will be a press briefing today, May 21, 2020, at 2:30 PM available for viewing via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A message from the Business Sector Support Team

Recap & Next Steps provided on May 21, 2020

  • At the County Board of Supervisors meeting, held on Tuesday, May 18, 2020, the board approved two measures intended to allow the region to accelerate the reopening of the local economy.
  •  First measure: County will submit plan to Governor’s office and if approved it would move San Diego further into stage two of the of the California Resilience Road Map in coming days
  • Second measure: Pilot Program where a select number of businesses would be permitted to gradually reopen ahead of schedule from Stage Three. This program includes outdoor religious services, research labs, hair and nail salons, fitness facilities, youth and sports clubs, and apartment complex pools.
  • The County is currently working on revising all stages of the Regional Reopening Framework. We have met all federal guidelines in terms of reopening to accelerate to stage 2. Pilot Program request will be submitted for Governor’s consideration
Followed by Questions asked from the community, and answers:
  • Temperature check/Symptom screening process and Confidentiality 
    • The health officer order requires the temperature screenings with the caveat that if you do not have a thermometer available you can do the symptom check. There is no requirement to complete private symptom screenings/temperature screenings. However, employers have discretion to make a plan that works for their business. 
  • Pandemics effect on non-profit vs. for-profit sector
    • Covid-19 is impacting everyone across the board, although non-profits have been uniquely affected by this pandemic. Non-profit funding has been limited, yet our Community Based Organization Sector has recently highlighted organizations that are addressing the gap in resources available for non-profits. 
  • Fitness facility pools
    • At this time, facility pools were not included in the County's request to the Governor. Leadership's initial focus was reopening pools at a limited capacity within the HOA's, condominiums, apartment complexes. Once we monitor the impact of easing the restrictions on pools at 25% capacity, we can review easing restrictions for community pools, recreational pools, and pools located in fitness centers. 
  • When can my business reopen?
    • As soon as the Governor approves San Diego County's acceleration plan, we will begin reopening. The Counties approach to easing restrictions is to review each sector and by groups (i.e., essential businesses, reopened businesses). From those groups defined, sub activities were then differentiated (i.e., retail, manufacturing, restaurant, bars, hair salons night clubs, and even offices), and additional categories were defined  (i.e., congregate living facilities, art, and cultural venues, sporting events, convention centers).
  • Private and Vocational schools
    • According to the Public Health Order, all public or private schools, colleges, and universities shall not hold classes or other school activities where students gather on the school campus. Parents of minor children shall take steps to ensure said children are not participating in activities prohibited by this Order. 
  • Leisure travel and hotel stays 
    • There are currently International holds on travel until June 22nd, and at this time, hotels/lodging for leisure and tourism are not permitted to reopen. 
  • Sanitation of restrooms
    • The requirement for the safe reopening plan is that there is a section of break rooms, bathrooms, and other common areas that should be disinfected frequently on schedule. That schedule is determined by the employer. 
  • Maximum “capacity” requirement
    • In our current framework there is no specified building capacity. However, please be mindful of your businesses fire marshal’s maximum occupancy.
  • Reopened Office settings
    • According to the public health order the current recommendation is that certain businesses could reopen with recommendation for teleworking. There are no prohibitions if it is in conformance with the order and safe reopening plan. 
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) required for an employee to return to work?
    • While a IIPP  is not required, everything tool utilized to ensure the safety of yourself, employees, and customers is beneficial. 
  • Specifications for airflow
Websites/Resources mentioned:
Lastly, our next steps include the following:
  • Waxing and Facial Salons opening as part of accelerated plan (pilot program): We will review with this question with the County advisory team and answer this question at the next telebriefing. 
  • Retail reopening: The accelerated phase two has been approved. Please tune in to today’s 2:30 PM telebriefing.


If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the OBMA office.

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