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OB lawyer Robert Burns 40+ years experience

Ocean Beach lawyer Robert Burns has been practicing law over 40 years with an emphasis on family law, personal injury law, and probate court litigation.

His website is www.OBLaw.com.  Mr. Burns regularly posts answers to legal questions posted with www.Avvo.com. You can subscribe free of charge to his select ones by friending him at Facebook.com/OBLaw.  Please “Like” his Facebook fans page at https://www.facebook.com/Robert-Burns-121384342541

You will also find there pertinent news and commentary on local, State, and Federal legal issues including regular posts on newsworthy legal issues such as those caused the pandemic; feel free to suggest a topic for his discussion.  A wrongful death case involving COVID-19 and gross recklessness in one of our many substandard nursing homes would be a wonderful legal matter to come my way.

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