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OB entryway sign unveiled

OB entryway sign unveiled

The Ocean Beach Town Council along with County Supervisor Ron Roberts were proud to unveil the new entryway sign today, June 18, 2014. The new sign is weather-resistant and made with sustainable materials. The sign design was modeled after the community’s original entryway sign — as was voted upon and selected by the OB community and Town Council members last year after reviewing five outstanding designs sourced from Ocean Beach artists.

San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts was instrumental in providing funding for the new sign and worked closely with the OB Town Council Board of Directors to complete the project. Integrated Signs created the new sign.

Supervisor Roberts spoke at Wednesday’s news conference, along with Councilman Ed Harris, a representative from Integrated Sign Associates, and Ocean Beach Town Council President Gretchen Kinney Newsom and Past President Jim Musgrove.

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