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News from the owners of Tower 2 Beach Cafe

News from the owners of Tower 2 Beach Cafe

To clear up any misinformation about Tower 2: Debi & Tim Nolan sold to and invested in Blue Water on Sept. 12. They will not be hands on working with them. The actual closing date of Tower 2 ( when they will start their remodel ) will be when escrow closes in May. Since Debi and Tim are investors, they can choose to close their doors earlier than that so Blue Water can start their remodel early. As of now, their closing date for Tower 2 should be their 15th Anniversary which is March 1, 2018.   Meanwhile, Tim and Debi obtained a liquor license and just signed a new lease for the old patio/tiki bar at 1548 Quivira Way in the Mission Bay Marina. It’s been closed for 5 years, but it used to be the spot to listen to outdoor live music ( no residences!). It’s next to Driscoll Yacht Yard and Aqua Adventures (when you are at Dog Beach you can see it across the San Diego river). They have named it : THE JETTY BAR & GRILLE.... family and pet friendly plus live music on the rocks! They are super excited for the transition of Tower 2 to the Braun Brothers/Blue Water OB and equally excited about the opening of the JETTY BAR & GRILLE!

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