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News from the BID Council

This month, the BID Council heard a presentation about Amazon Restaurants rolling out their restaurant delivery services throughout San Diego. Chris Mills of Amazon Restaurants presented an informative explanation of the services and how they seek our help to include our restaurants with Amazon. To contact Chris, please email or call 425-879-7950.
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July 25, 2016
Samuel Adams Brewing American Dream Pitch Room Competition
Samuel Adams Brewing American Dream Pitch Room Competiton
The Speed Coaching event is a free event open to any small business owner in the food, beverage, and craft brewing industries. At this event, which is hosted in partnership with the Boston Beer Company, the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of small business capital and coaching, attendees will participate in up to six 20-minute, high-impact coaching sessions in areas such as sales and distribution, packaging, and finance with expert coaches from Samuel Adams, local-area businesses, and Accion. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to bring questions about specific business challenges they face, as well as samples of packaging, point-of-sale items, and other material on which they would like feedback.
July 26, 2016
Food Labeling Workshop
Details to be announced soon, see Accion San Diego's Events Listing

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