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A message from Aliro Marketing regarding Social Media Photos

Where do you get your pictures for your business social media posts?  Do you ensure that you have permission to use those images on your social media pages, and then document that permission?

If you've followed my pages for any length of time, you know I preach that you must get written permission to use someone else's image on your business social media pages due to copyright infringement.

Now, Facebook has announced that they will start to allow people take more control over the images they own and where they end up.

In an update to its rights management platform, the company is starting to work with certain partners today to give them the power to claim ownership over images and then moderate where those images show up across the Facebook platform, including on Instagram!

WORD OF ADVICE:  If you have any memes, or images that you've screenshot to use on your business pages, or any images you took off of Google, you might want to go through the posts & delete the photos before you get one of these claims against you.  There's no word yet on if they will fine anyone or just demand that they take down the photos, but just to play it safe, I'd delete them.

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