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Mallow Out on 4th of July

Mallow Out on 4th of July

During the fireworks display on July 4th at 9pm, we are appealing to the public to please feel free to EAT marshmallows but please, don't throw them. It used to be fun when a few families had a marshmallow fight on the beach, cleaned up, and then went home. Social media has promoted the marshmallow fight and over the last few years, especially 2013, the mess was out of control.

Here in Ocean Beach, we like to have fun, but we draw the line at this huge mess which is almost impossible to clean up and costs thousands of dollars.

The OB Town Council has launched a Mallow Out campaign, and we are writing today to let you know about their plans.

Click for a copy of the Mallow Out Poster and the Mallow Out Pledge.

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