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James Gang instituting new quality control procedures

James Gang Ocean Beach

James Gang has instituted new process improvements and Quality Control Procedures throughout their production workflow that has improved on-time deliveries by 40% and reduced errors by 65%.  Two main changes being  implemented are 1) A workflow process system called "Trello", and 2) Hired a Quality Control Production Manager, Steve Bellow, who monitors all the screen printing jobs.  

Trello is a computer application that allows them  to track the progress of the job throughout each step of production.  This is important because there are on average 5-7 employees who “touch” each  garment in production; with Trello,  information can be accessed in a timely manner in order to serve their customers better. 

Each employee responsible for a process in  production can enter details about the job and  allowing anyone to pull up an order to know where to pick up where the job was last left off.  Trello is also being used to organize jobs by due date, which helps us stay on top of rush orders.

Additionally, Steve, the new  Quality Control Manager, has implemented routine best practices that maintain consistency in the quality of the work being  produced.  Customer service associates approve the final proofs before going to print, giving them an opportunity to update the customer on any changes made.   Each garment is physically inspected by a member of the customer service team as the printing process completes. Another example is each garment is manually inspected as it comes out of the printer for flaws or misprints before the customer is given the product.  Click here to watch the video.

Please stop by our location in Ocean Beach (1931 Bacon Street, CA 92107, 619-225-1753) or visit our website for more information on any of our services or new quality assurance practices.

James Gang Ocean Beach

James Gang Ocean Beach

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