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How to Use the EDD Workshare Program to Retain Employees!

General EDD Workshare Program highlights:

  • The EDD Workshare Program is a win-win for both employer and employee.
  • This plan for Workshare through EDD is a worthwhile program for our local merchants. It allows the business to keep valued employees even if they have to reduce their hours by 10 to 60%. With the workshare program, the employer has a way to reduce payroll expenses while giving the employee a job that also allows them to collect a portion of unemployment benefits to supplement their reduced income.
  • There is no penalty for the employer.  Now that it is easier for employers to sign up for this program because it is all online, we hope you will seriously consider the EDD Workshare Program as an option to keep your business financially viable through these COVID times.
  • Please listen to the webinar on youtube to learn more about the program.

If you have questions please call the OBMA office at (619) 224-4906 and either Kristen or Denny will assist you.

YouTube Tutorial - EDD Workshare Program

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