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Handwashing Posters from San Diego County

Handwashing Posters from San Diego County

From the San Diego County Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures

We have previously reached out to you to share information about the locally declared public health emergency due to the ongoing hepatitis A outbreak and what you can do to disinfect public restrooms or common areas you may have as part of your business operations.  We wanted to follow up and share with you the attached posters that you can print and display at your place of business as a reminder that washing hands stops germs, can prevent the spread of hepatitis A, and keeps us healthy. Please feel free to also share this information with your membership or partner contacts. 

The outbreak is being spread person-to-person and through contact with fecal contaminated environments. The majority of people who have contracted hepatitis A during this outbreak have been homeless and/or illicit drug users.  Efforts of the County and its community partners to halt the hepatitis A outbreak focus on three key areas: vaccination (for the at-risk populations), sanitation, and education.

For more information about the local hepatitis A outbreak resources are available online at http://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/hhsa/programs/phs/community_epidemiology/dc/Hepatitis_A.html


Handwashing poster (English) PDF

Handwashing poster (Spanish) PDF

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