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Culture Brewing Company Ocean Beach: Art+Culture+Beer

Culture Brewing Company Ocean Beach

At Culture Brewing Co we could be about just beer, and of course that’s where our primary focus is, but our involvement goes much further than the brew house and each pint we serve. We are lucky enough to have opened a brewery and two tasting rooms in cities within San Diego that offer us a multitude of opportunities to become
involved with community-focused local patrons and events. Upon opening our first location in Solana Beach, we took advantage of the chance to use our tasting room space as a dual outlet for exposing local artists to our consumers as they pass through and enjoy local crafted beer. The idea began in November of 2013 and has
propelled ever since with a different local artist every month, now in 2 Culture locations, spreading over 15 months, and 18 artists later we’re growing the presence at a rapid pace. In addition to the artists, we also host and contribute to non-profits and businesses both locally and worldwide.

The March 2015 show at our Ocean Beach location is particularly unique as we’ve partnered with local photographer, Drew McGill, to host a different local business, non-profit, or community-focused brand every week. All of these companies’ efforts are aimed at promoting positive change in our community, state (another
word here?) and even throughout the world! Each of these nights will have an emphasis on educating consumers on their mission, local influence and of course all while drinking local craft beer. The lineup, with links to these brands are below:

Tuesday, 3/10 – Be Kind Vibes Wednesday, 3/11 – WILDCOAST
Tuesday, 3/17 – Walnut Burger Tuesday, 3/24 – Be
Tuesday, 3/31 - URT

For more information please contact Carole Busby at or Drew McGill at
We hope to see you there.

Culture Brewing Company Ocean Beach

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