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Beach Access: What is open and closed

As of July 20, 20202 the below information is no longer current. Everything in Ocean Beach is open with the exception of Breweries which do not serve food.

A message from The City of San Diego!

Starting today, Monday, April 27, 2020, the City of San Diego will allow beach access for walking and running, as well as entering or exiting the water for surfing, swimming, paddling and kayaking.

Parking lots will remain closed, boardwalks will remain closed and gatherings will remain prohibited. The rules must be followed for these locations to remain open. The county has not yet seen a downward trend as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has passed the 3,000 mark, so it is important to follow social distancing rules and recommendations. Starting Friday May 1st, all citizens in public spaces will be mandated to wear facial masks / coverings.

Below is information detailing some of the information and a link to a news story.


  • Boardwalks
  • Piers
  • Parking lots
  • Fiesta Island


  • Gatherings
  • Non-physical distancing activities



  • ONLY walking and running
  • NO stopping, sitting or lying down


  • ONLY swimming, surfing, and single-person paddle boarding, kayaking and boating


  • ONLY single-person paddle boarding, kayaking and boating
  • NO swimming

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