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Be prepared for the El Nino rain and flooding

Be prepared for the El Nino rain and flooding

From SDPD Western Division: Be prepared for the El Nino rain and flooding

Be prepared- El Nino
Please remember our part of San Diego has many flooding and standing water locations which create driving hazards. Forecasters predict San Diego County could be in for higher than average rain this fall and winter due to strong El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean. While more rain would be welcome after the drought in California, large amounts of rain in a short time span can also create problems.

Everyone needs to be ready, emergency managers recommend to take steps to prepare your property for potential flooding and your families for this as well as any disaster.
 As part of El Nino preparedness campaign, a new El Nino-specific section has been added to the county’s and (in Spanish) websites, with lots of flooding and erosion control resources.

Just because your home has not experienced flooding in the past storms, doesn’t mean you are safe from flooding in future storms. Residents can learn their property’s flood risk by looking at FEMA’s flood-hazard maps.

Residents are disaster ready if you have a plan, emergency supplies, register your mobile phones for the AlertSanDiego emergency notification system and download the SDEmergency app
 A few simple tips to remember:
• Clear debris from all roof drains and gutters
• Consider sandbags to divert water flow away from your home
• Trim trees especially large overhanging branches over your home.
• Avoid areas that are subject to flooding
• Do not try to cross flowing streams of water
• Educate your children not to play in the flooded areas
• Obey all road barricades and signs, do not drive around them
• Be alert

Officer David Surwilo
San Diego Police Department
Community Relations Officer
Western Division

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