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ADP Working for Local Restaurants

ADP Working for Local Restaurants

ADP has a new program that offers the expert workforce management solutions backed by 50+ year history of innovative, value-added services and a proven commit-ment to world class service and to the restaurant industry.

ADP is not just payroll, they have helped thousands of restaurants by providing solu-tions that enable them to spend less time on non-revenue generated tasks, and gain greater control of labor and benefits costs. To meet the needs of the restaurant indus-try, ADP now offers a specialized package of payroll solutions that are comprehensive and easy to use.

ADP has an integrated platform that:

  • Interfaces with most POS systems to save time
  • PTO Tracking
  • Complete Tax filing
  • Provides Free direct deposit
  • Free Wage Garnishment Processing
  • Integrates with most accounting software
  • Mobile and Online Access
  • SUI Management
  • Ensures you take advantage of every FICA Tip Credit available to you
  • Identifies and processes every Work Opportunity Tax Credit automatically
  • Lowers your Worker's Comp expense through Pay-by-Pay and no deposit

ADP has competitive pricing; contact your local Restaurant specialist and set a time to meet and see how ADP can save you time and money. Contact: Sharla Dabney (District Manager) or 619.688.4779

* Article written and submitted by ADP Representative Sharla Dabney

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