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Act now to receive your no-cost, smart thermostat

SDG&E has distributed and installed business customers with thousands of ecobee Programmable Communicating Thermostats (PCTs) worth $300 at no cost. Customers have found these smart thermostats easy to operate and it allows more control over energy use – which maximizes energy savings.

If you enroll in SDG&E’s Reduce Your Use™ program, you may qualify for a no-cost smart thermostat(s). Customers get alerts from SDG&E to lower their energy use on high energy use days. These PCTs will either adjust the temperature by 4 degrees or cycle the HVAC unit at 50%. You always have the option to opt out. By participating in Reduce Your Use days, you help lessen the strain on the grid by shifting your energy use. A great feature of programmable smart thermostats is that you can make temperature adjustments remotely! For more information, visit

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