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12 Ways to Reimagine Your Business Model

12 Ways to Reimagine Your Business Model

Small Business COVID Resiliency

As we approach the five-month mark of the global pandemic within the U.S., Main Street businesses are still adapting to the ever-changing realities of operating a business during a public health crisis. Adjusting to reopening guidelines that change on a regular basis as conditions unfold, coupled with lingering safety concerns among many consumers and an economy hampered by millions of unemployed, has resulted in a highly volatile and cloudy situation for small businesses to navigate as they try to pivot to new consumer norms. 

While not always easy, making a pivot is a normal practice and one that can be highly successful for businesses. In fact, the ability to pivot is a valuable business skillset that can provide additional long-term resiliency. In this week's Main Spotlight, Matthew Wagner, Ph.D.,  NMSC Vice President of  Revitalization Programs, discusses 12 ways businesses can reimagine their business models to ensure both short-term and long-term success.

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