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A message from Ocean Beach Planning Board

Ocean Beach Planning Board

Are you looking to be more involved in your community?

Run for a seat on the Ocean Beach Planning Board.

Submit your application by Wednesday the 15th to be listed on the ballot. More info at http://oceanbeachplanning.org/elections/ Election takes place on March 1st.

The all-volunteer Ocean Beach Planning Board is recognized by the City of San Diego as the primary advisory group for land use and land development issues in the Ocean Beach community. One of over 40 community planning groups across the city, the Planning Board was formed by the San Diego City Council to make recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission, City staff, and other agencies on land use matters relating to the Ocean Beach Community Plan Area.

The Planning Board evaluates and makes recommendations on proposed development projects and permit applications as part of the City’s discretionary review process. It also advises the City on the preparation of, and amendments to, the Land Development Code, the General Plan, relevant community plans, and other land use matters affecting Ocean Beach as requested by the City or other government agencies. Additionally, the Planning Board provides the City with advice on other matters of concern to the Ocean Beach community whenever relevant.

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