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Mayor Gloria's Executive Order on Delivery Fee Platforms & Curbside Parking

Good afternoon,

Click here to view Mayor Gloria’s executive order released yesterday on delivery fee caps and curbside parking. Please distribute to your networks. This order places a 15% cap on fees charged to restaurants for delivery service through third party platforms, with an additional 3% limit on any other commissions or charges. While we anticipate it will take a few days for platforms to update to reflect this new order, they will be required to apply the pricing retroactively to the effective date. Noncompliance may be reported to the City Attorney’s office.

Additionally, this order formalizes the Curbside pilot program initiated by UCPD, and enables businesses to place temporary signage to reserve adjacent parking spaces for short term, 30 minute or less parking to facilitate to curbside to-go programs.  Parking enforcement on these spaces will be limited to complaint-based.

These orders went into effect today. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Brittany Bailey

Senior Policy Advisor

Office of Mayor Todd Gloria

City of San Diego | 202 "C" Street, 11th Floor | San Diego, CA 92101

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