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Claudia Peters Jack

April 1946 to March 2024

Claudia Peters Jack
Billy Joyce and Claudia Peters Jack
Claudia Peters Jack
Claudia Peters Jack
Claudia Peters Jack
Claudia Peters Jack and Patti McGee
Claudia Peters Jack

The community lost a very special person. Claudia Peters Jack passed away over the weekend on Saturday 3/30/24 around 4:40 am. Survived by her sons, Jimmi, Jonny, and Joey Guilmet.

Her oldest son, Jonny Guilmet, said it best in his recent post...

My mom was heavily involved in everything OB. She was the Ocean Beach Town Council President, ran the snack shack at Peninsula Little League, was a huge part of the OBMA, volunteered, and was heavily involved in the OB Christmas Parade, OB Street Fair, OB Fireworks, OB Restaurant Walk and so much more(I know I am forgetting some others). My mom was a team mom for us in Little League even not knowing anything about baseball. She would feed the entire football team when my brother played football for The Pointers. In the 2000s, she got involved in The Irish Congress of San Diego. She loved this organization. She was Irish Woman of The Year, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Chairman, ran the vendors for the parade, and was a proud member of the Irish Congress. I could ramble on and on how great of a person she was. She was the OB mayor, OB Royalty, OB Mom, and an OB legend! There are not many left like my mom in OB.

I lost my mother, but the Ocean Beach community also lost their mother. She loved this community so much. Seeing how many people have been impacted by my beautiful mom made me smile. She knew she was loved by everyone, but I really wish she could see all the posts and comments. It truly shows how much people loved my mom. We as a family are going to take some time to regroup. There will be a celebration of life in the near future.

My mom would get mad at me for telling you her age, but she was 78, just one month from turning 79. She was born on April 30, 1945, and passed away on March 30, 2024.

We are gutted by the passing of my mom. I have cried so much I do not have any tears left. Ocean Beach will not be the same. Please keep my mom's legacy alive by being nice and doing something for others. Something you might not have known… In the 1970s, her license plates read “I AM NICE”. This sums up my mom! She is going to be deeply missed by so many. My wife Ilze, brothers Jimmi & Joey Guilmet, Stepdad Jim Jack, and sister-in-law and Michele Guilmet have been so strong in these past few weeks and I could not have gotten through this without them. She was the BEST mom to us and so many other people. I love my mom so much and we are just heartbroken. Much love to everyone!

- Jonny Guilmet

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