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San Diego Union-Tribune: Neighborhood awards, Ocean Beach style

Neighborhood awards, Ocean Beach style


Neighborhood awards, Ocean Beach style (Read on the San Diego Union-Tribune website)
By Peter Rowe | 3:45 p.m. Oct. 23, 2015 | Updated, 3:57 p.m.

Like many neighborhood associations, the Ocean Beach Main Street Association has an annual awards ceremony.

Unlike any other, though, this one starts with the “OB Pledge of Allegiance,” featuring this immortal line:

“I pledge allegiance to the pier/ in Ocean Beach 92107

“And to the Obecians for which they stand...”

In a hall decorated with seashells, sand and sunflowers from the Ocean Beach Farmers Market, the festive event had a few somber notes. Community members who died in the last year — Kevin McKay, David Linton, Alan “Tiny” Kajiwara, Yvonne Cruz and Mike Hardin, the latter the owner of the landmark Hodad’s burger joint — were honored. Steven Yeng, owner of OB Noodle House and Bar 1502, received the first Mike Hardin “Like a Boss” award, for an individual whose spirit, generosity and love of the area emulate the late the restaurateur’s qualities.

Other honorees in various categories:

▪ Crime prevention — The San Diego Police Department’s Western Division, the OB Lifeguard Team, the OB Sunset Cleanup Crew.

▪ Design — The Little Lion Cafe, OB Warehouse, Culture Brewing, Espresso Cucina.

▪ Economic restructuring — Mindy Pellissier and Giovanni Ongolia for working on the Ocean Beach Community Plan, the Ocean Beach Women’s Club, CVS.

▪ Promotion — Hodad’s, OB Noodle House/Bar 1502, Rock & Roll San Diego, Culture Brewing.

▪ Customer service — Newport Avenue Optometry, Catrina Russell Real Estate, James Gang Company.

To quote a certain pledge, this was a night for

“One community under the sun/ unified for years of fun!”

October 2015
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