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Voltaire Street Beach

Down the hill from Point Loma you will find Voltaire Street dead-ending into the beach parking lot where most beachgoers congregate. This is where you will find Voltaire Street Beach. Not only does this street give you direct access to one of the area’s most popular beaches, but Voltaire is also lined with a slew of bars, restaurants, stores and other mom and pop type shops for your enjoyment.

This beach is popular amongst visitors as it is not nearly as busy or crowded as Mission or Pacific Beach.  Voltaire Street Beach is also a local hotspot where one can find a parking spot and hit the sand for a few hours. There is also a large grassy area with picnic tables for visitors to enjoy as well.

While Voltaire Street Beach is a favorite amongst locals, it is also one of the busiest beaches in San Diego County. There are many reasons this beach is so popular. This beach is considerably larger than some of the others so there is plenty of room for visitors. The large parking lot is a huge bonus as well as the public showers and restrooms for the beachgoers to enjoy.

 Dog Beach is adjacent to this beach so you can share the day with your furry friends also if you like.  The Ocean Beach bike path which ends at the beach is also popular and often times you will find visitors soaking up the sights from the end of the path overlooking the beach. Lifeguard towers and several volleyball posts are also located at this location. Whether you’re coming for the day or a few hours, there is a little something for everyone at Voltaire Street Beach. 

Voltaire Avenue Beach

Feature Description
Popularity Well Above Average for Ocean Beach
Parking Large parking lot and on the street parking usually available
Beach Area Large
Lifeguard Lifeguard tower plus lifeguard stations
Surfing Yes after 6PM and before 8AM
Swimming Yes, from 8AM to 6PM
Dogs No, but next to OB Dog Beach
Food Nearby Yes, Several blocks away all-along Voltaire Avenue
Showers Yes
Privacy No privacy, this beach is very popular because of the large parkin lot and great location.
Volleyball Yes
Grassy Picnic Area Yes
Voltair Avenua Beach Bathroom
Photos By: Josh Utley
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