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Niagara Avenue Beach

Located at the base of the San Diego Fishing Pier is Niagara Avenue Beach. This beach is particularly popular as visitors can examine ocean life up-close at the tide-pools. Niagara Avenue Beach is located just south of the Newport Avenue Beach and is marked by its landmark, the Ocean Beach Pier.  Niagara is the first street that connects with Catalina Boulevard.

While the beach itself seems small, it has some very special characteristics. First, this beach is located beneath the OB Pier. The view beneath the pier is spectacular. Watching the waves crash through the concrete posts that line the underside of the pier is really a sight to see. Secondly, this beach offers the best opportunity to examine the wonderful world of the ocean by exploring the tide-pools. Hundreds of these tide pools allow you to explore the ocean life that inhibit these difficult environments. Clams, mussels, sea stars and small marine species populate these tide pools and are fascinating to watch for children and adults as well. While this beach may not be a popular hang out, its sidewalk is widely used as a pass through between Newport Avenue and the Ocean Beach Pier. It is also a gateway to the Ocean Beach walking cliffs.

Niagra Avenue Avenue Beach Muncipal Pier

Feature Description
Popularity Below Average for Ocean Beach
Parking Parking lot and on the street parking usually available
Beach Area Very Small
Lifeguard Lifeguard tower plus lifeguard stations
Surfing Yes
Swimming Yes, north of lifeguard station only
Dogs No
Food Nearby Yes
Showers Yes
Privacy No privacy, this beach is very popular amongst surfers and visitors as it is under the OB Pier.
Volleyball No
Grassy Picnic Area Yes

Niagra Avenue Avenue Beach Muncipal Pier

Niagra Avenue Avenue Beach Muncipal Pier

Photos By: Josh Utley

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