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Long Branch Avenue Beach

Long Branch Avenue is a residential street that dead ends into what is known as Long Branch Avenue Beach. This beach is popular amongst visitors as it is well equipped with several volleyball posts. While the posts are in place, you will need to provide your own net if you plan on getting a game going. Since there are multiple posts in place it is very easy to get a couple games going at once. The Ocean Beach Recreation Center also runs a beach volleyball league which attracts both players and spectators to the volleyball area on weekends.

Parking could be a problem at times, but if you can find parking, this is a nice street to enter the beach from when you arrive. The Long Branch Avenue Beach is extremely popular on a daily basis, but even more so on the weekends when all the volleyball players have their day in the sun. While this stretch of beach is popular amongst volleyball players, there are other things to enjoy as well. Lifeguards are on duty for the swimmers, boogie boarders and body surfers and the nearby parking lot helps with the parking issues you may experience. Food is only a short distance away and bathrooms and showers are also available to make your visit just that much more enjoyable. If your ready to get your game on, this is the beach for you.

Long Branch Avenue Beach and Surf

Feature Description
Popularity Above Average for Ocean Beach, one of the most popular due to number of volleyball posts.
Parking Voltaire Street parking lot and street parking usually available
Beach Area Very Large
Lifeguard Lifeguard tower
Surfing No
Swimming Yes
Dogs No
Food Nearby Yes, Several blocks away
Showers Yes
Privacy Minimal due to beach popularity
Volleyball Yes
Grassy Picnic Area Yes

Long Branch Avenue Beach and Surf

Photos By: Josh Utley

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