Chili Cook-Off - 11 AM to 1:30 PM | Ocean Beach San Diego CA

Chili Cook-Off - 11 AM to 1:30 PM


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Proceeds from the Chili Cook-Off benefit the OB Clean and Safe program.

2023 Chili Cook-Off Winners

Click Here to Download the 2023 Chili Cook-Off Winners List. Photos will be posted shortly.

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Our panel of judges awarded the following Amateur Chili Cookers

1st Place - Ed Haase with OMBAC

2nd Place - Cory Laughlin with Chili Boat


Community tasters voted for their favorite chili and awarded the following Chili Teams

1st Place - Monica Dewitt with California Wild Ales

2nd Place - Cory Laughlin with Chili Boat

3rd Place - Anthony To with The Taste Buds


Jason Tripp with American Builders


Jason Bullard with The Chiliest



Our panel of judges awarded the following Restaurant Chili Teams

1st Place – OB Surf Lodge

2nd Place – Wonderland Ocean Pub


Our panel of judges voted for their favorite chili and awarded the following Restaurant Chili Teams

1ˢᵗ Place – Wonderland Ocean Pub

A special THANK YOU to all our judges this year!

2023 Ocean Beach Chili Cook-Off Judges

2023 Chili Cook-Off Contestants

Chili Team Name Division
Alive Ferments Amateur
Hangover Chili Crew Amateur
Sean’s Raiders Amateur
Kanes K-9 and Animal Rescue Amateur
The Taste Buds Amateur
Gump’s Yum Factory Amateur
Bacon or Bust Amateur
The Chiliest Amateur
California Wild Ales Chili Amateur
American Builders Chili Amateur
Grub Gains Amateur
Funkin' Chili Amateur
OB People's Food Co-op Restaurant
La Doña Restaurant
Wonderland Ocean Pub Restaurant
OB Surf Lodge Restaurant
Raglan Restaurant
Mitch's Seafood Restaurant

Ocean Beach Street Fair Chili Cook-Off Festival

A brief history of the OB Chili Cook-Off Festival

A Brief History of the Chili Cook-OffIn 1984, Ocean Beach had its first Chili Cook-off Festival with  Mike Akey, the current board of directors member of the OB MainStreet Association, as its founder. Back in the 1970s, Mike and his father Angie Scaramuzzo were chili enthusiasts and often traveled to chili cook-offs in the likes of Las Vegas, Balboa Island, Cabo San Lucas, and Guadalajara, just to mention a few. Mike’s dad once went to the world competition in Rosemond, California (a ghost town), to compete with his “Scaramuch Chili.” Angie also founded the Lake Havasu City Chili Cook-Off which is still going on today.

Mike thought about starting a cook-off in OB and made the decision to do so in 1984. For the first three years, the chili cook-offs were sanctioned by the International Chili Society (ICS), and the winner was eligible to go to the State Cook-Off, which could have potentially led to the National Cook-Off. In 1987, Akey and his committee decided to change to an Amateur Cook-Off, though they still use the basics from the ICS for judging.

The Cook-Off also used to have a Shoot and Holler Contest – basically, a shot of tequila and then a shout in the microphone . . . the loudest person got the award. "We also enjoyed the Mr. Hot Sauce and Miss Chili Pepper Contest during the same time period. We eventually had to stop that," said Mike. "It got a little too risqué and was developing into a bikini contest."

In the early days, bales of hay lined part of the 4900 block of Newport Avenue to provide seating for the Chili Cook-Off. Eventually, the OB Chili Cook-Off moved to the OB Pier parking lot, but the blacktop was just too hot. The move to Veterans Plaza on the grass really filled the bill and has been the site for our Cook-Off ever since, with over three times the number of contestants!

Thanks to Mike Akey and his dad for founding the OB Chili Cook-Off so that we can all enjoy it again this year.

Partial List of Winners and Awards from the Last Several Years

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2023 Chili Cook-Off Winners

Ocean Beach Street Fair Chili Cook-Off Festival 1985


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