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Sunset Cliffs Park

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San Diego's Sunset Cliffs Park: A History

By Kathy Blavatt; Foreword by Karen Scanlon

Sunset Cliffs Park meanders along a mile and a half of San Diego’s coastline, beckoning tourists and locals alike. These stunning cliffs inspired Albert Spalding, sportsman and visionary, to create a park in 1915 for all to enjoy. In the century since, many have left their mark, including the powerful Pacific Ocean. John Mills, an enterprising land baron, restored the original park, only to have it fall into neglect during the Depression and World War II. It became a popular spot for pioneering surfers and divers in the postwar boom, and the park’s colorful landscape attracted artists and children. Join author Kathy Blavatt as she relates the many transformations of this beloved park and looks to its future.

About the Author

Kathy Blavatt is an award-winning author, historian and photographer who lives in Ocean Beach. She grew up on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, and she’s been on the Ocean Beach Historical Society board since 2006. Her previous book is Ocean Beach: Where Land and Water Meet, and she coauthored Ocean Beach and O.B.’s Weird, Wild and Wonderful. All include rarely seen photos and expound about community highlights, assorted characters and spirited generations who have left their loving marks in history.


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