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Artists Alley Booth Fee

Your entire completed application form must be submitted prior to or in conjunction with paying for your booth space. If you have not yet completed the form, please do so here.

Single Booth Fees for 2018:

Each booth is 10 feet by 10 feet. You may purchase multiple adjacent spaces. 

Early Renewal (by invitation only to artists who participated in the 2017 Street Fair; available until January 1)


Paid on or before February 1


Paid on or before March 1


Paid on or before April 1


Paid on or after April 2


PLEASE NOTE: Booth fees are determined by the day you PAY YOUR FEE, NOT the day you APPLY. Do not delay in paying for your booth space. 

*Price does not include the cost for insurance coverage for the day ($35). Apply for coverage and pay online.

*Price does not include the cost for Artists Alley vendor parking ($30, limited spaces available). Purchase a parking space.



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